Awaken Your Senses.

A Spa Experience Like No Other …

When we set out to create Solaia, our goal was to focus on what we believe will be the future of our industry. Quite simply, it is the memorable experience that people seek today. Our guests will encounter a fresh approach to every aspect of the traditional salon and spa. Through an innovative combination of video technology, music, refreshments, and exceptional service, our guests will experience a true escape each time they join us.  Whether it is a special occasion or to meet your routine health and beauty needs, you will find a unique environment that seeks to engage as many senses as possible, resulting in a “Full Immersion” experience. A place you will want to linger and indulge.

  • Sight

    Immersive Video

    Throughout Solaia, our guests will encounter innovative virtual technology and video walls that will stimulate your visual senses and make you feel as if you have been transported to a destination of your choice. Whether it be gazing upon the waterfalls and beauty of the Amazon Rain Forest, walking through the vineyards of Tuscany, or enjoying the mesmerizing landscape of the Orient….our unique use of video technology and stunning visual landscapes will make you feel like you have stepped into another world.

  • Sound

    Soothing Sounds

    As you listen to the waves crash, the wind blow, and hear the faint sounds of seagulls in the distance keeping time with the hypnotic rhythm of steel drums, you will quickly fall into a relaxed and tranquil state of mind. Carefully chosen music and sounds of nature will not only relax you, but help you find an inner peace that allows to you to truly rejuvenate.

  • Smell

    Smell your Surroundings

    We have carefully chosen the highest quality products and treatments throughout the salon, these rich decadent ingredients give off the most amazing scents. Every organic product that we use during your visit has been thoughtfully paired with your service and is sustainably sourced from the very place you have chosen to travel to for your destination. Simply close your eyes, breathe in the intoxicating aromas, and escape.

  • Taste

    Tastes of the Region

    A grape bursts in your mouth, a warm mug of green tea soothes and relaxes you, or a crisp, light glass of prosecco celebrates this moment of "me" time. Taste is a very important sense that evokes pleasant memories and enhances life experiences. We have not overlooked this at Solaia. A hospitality package of light snacks, premium wine, beer and a variety of non-alcoholic refreshments is something that can be added to any visit with us.

  • Touch

    Therapeutic Massage

    The staff at Solaia is particularly tuned into the importance of touch, as it is the foundation of everything we do as beauty and wellness providers. Lean back in one of our shampoo bowls, carefully designed for comfort while one of our trained technicians performs an expertly choreographed scalp massage. Visit our spa where our therapists use the magic in their hands to erase daily stress. Spend time with our nail team, who use their artistic fingers to perfectly polish your hands and feet. Touch is emotion, trust and connection. We hope that your visit to Solaia will be one of many and the relationship we build with you will touch your heart and life.

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